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City expands intelligent vehicles support

Hu Yumo
The 2020 World Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Conference in Jiading District heard how the Shanghai is promoting the development and testing of autonomous vehicles.
Hu Yumo
City expands intelligent vehicles support
Ti Gong

Intelligent and connected vehicles parked outside Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, venue for the 2020 World Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Conference.

Shanghai is to further promote the development of intelligent and connected vehicle and extend the scope of testing, the city government said during the 2020 World Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Conference in Jiading District on Monday.

In the next step, Shanghai will extend the length of roads for testing intelligent and connected vehicle to nearly 1,300 kilometers in Jiading, covering an area of 464 square kilometers.

Automakers will be able to test their vehicles under more scenarios. The city plans to promote integrated development of intelligent and connected vehicle by cooperating with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The conference released a number of application scenarios for commercialization, such as robo-taxis, 5G smart heavy trucks carrying cargo, smart public transport as well as urban and tourism scenarios. The new business scenarios include automatic retail scenarios, smart driving cleaning services and unmanned security application scenarios.

During the two-day conference, the city inaugurated a China-Germany promotion and application center for intelligent and connected vehicles. China and Germany will collaborate in improving policies and regulations, mutual recognition and data exchange. A national innovation center for strategic cooperation was also launched during the conference.

Shanghai will further promote the interconnection, interoperability, mutual recognition and mutual trust with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces.

This year, the city launched the national Internet Of Vehicle pilot zone in the Yangtze River Delta region to further promote integrated cooperation. Last year, it issued the first batch of licenses to automakers for testing intelligent and connected vehicle in the region.

The collaboration will focus on vehicles and the construction of supporting infrastructure. The pilot zone will cover intelligent signal lights, 5G communication base stations and the development of high-precision maps with unified standards in the region. 

Data is important to the industry development and the Shanghai intelligent and connected vehicle public data center was inaugurated during the conference.

A 5G smart transport pilot zone is opening to the public. Visitors can experience car-home interconnection and visualization and digitalization of 5G smart transport. Jiading District, SAIC Motor, China Mobile and Huawei are cooperating in building the pilot zone and will further improve technology in the zone.

The forum discussed a number of topics including key technologies and policies, intelligent and new-energy vehicle big data application as well as renewable energy. Participants could also join in automated driving experience activities held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center.

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