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Automakers get into gear for import expo

Hu Yumo
The very latest cars and technologies will be on display at the third China International Import Expo with some companies participating for the first time. 
Hu Yumo

Automobile companies are preparing to unveil their latest cars and technologies at the third China International Import Expo in November.

Some will be making their CIIE debut with new products and new experiences for expo visitors. 

Among them is Apollo Future Mobility Group, which listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2002 and became a mobility technology service provider in 2017. It provides clients with solutions in future mobility.

The company said the CIIE is the perfect platform that connects end users with goods and services that will propel them into a better future. 

It is bringing its best automotive products — Apollo IE Golden Dragon, Pikes Peak Sports Car and the UME urban delivery vehicle — and its most advanced technologies.

The company said with continuous support and guidance for the auto industry from the Chinese government, especially in the new-energy vehicle sector, it believed the mobility market would achieve rapid development, one of the factors that made it regard China as a most important market .

In the face of fierce competition, it said technical strength is still the most important factor determining success or failure. It is planning to introduce advanced technology platforms to China providing one-stop services for domestic car manufacturers.

Italian industrial design company Icona Group is bringing driverless concept cars that include one designed specifically for young people drawing on the design of cutting-edge smartphones and modern architecture.

The company, also attending a CIIE for the first time, said the expo would be a good platform for communicating with other enterprises. It said it was a a startup company and had waited for its technology and solutions to mature before participating.

Icona is also bringing products and solutions in artificial intelligence and other technologies related to smart cities and smart agriculture to the third CIIE. An unmanned chassis will be on show in China for the first time and a new generation of disinfection robots will be making their world debut.

"We believe the Chinese market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world," Enea Colombo, general manager of Icona Design Shanghai, told Xinhua news agency. "In my opinion, the people of China are open to new concepts and this makes the country the right place to introduce new technologies."

The 30,000-square-meter automobile exhibition area will feature manufacturers, parts makers and service companies. Some 30 new products and technologies will be on display for the first time in the expo’s automobile hall.

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