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Institute reveals car safety test results

Hu Yumo
Auto Technology Institute says its research and evaluation rules play an increasingly important role in improving China's automobile safety and quality.
Hu Yumo
Institute reveals car safety test results
Ti Gong

Seven car models tests consist of several different variables.

Safety evaluation results for seven car models have been announced by the China Insurance Research Institute's Auto Technology Institute in its first batch of results for 2021.

The seven vehicles were the FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q5L, JAC Jiayue A5, FAW-Toyota RAV4, BMW Brilliance X3, NIO EC6, Dongfeng Qichen Qichenxing and Li Auto One.

The institute's China Insurance Automotive Safety Index (C-IASI) crash test is in four categories — crashworthiness and service economy, occupant safety, vehicle safety and vehicle auxiliary layman security. It uses four ratings to evaluate the safety of vehicles: G = excellent, A = good, M = medium, P = poor.

For crashworthiness and service economy, FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q5L, JAC Jiayue A5 and BMW Brilliance X3 were given a poor rating. FAW-Toyota RAV4, Dongfeng Qichen Qichenxing and Li Auto One received medium ratings and the NIO EC6 was rated good.

For the other three categories all seven received higher than medium ratings.

The institute said that its research and evaluation rules are playing an increasingly important role in improving China's automobile safety and quality. Safety is a top priority for car buyers, thus safety results from the institute are important indicators for car buyers when choosing vehicles.

Fang Zhongyou, chairman of the institute's test center, said the models evaluated covered traditional gasoline vehicles and new-energy vehicles, taking into account joint venture brands and domestic brands.

The institute said it invited professors and experts in the field of automotive safety technology and standards in universities and the automobile, insurance and other industries to review the results to ensure they were professional, objective, fair and just.

The C-IASI project began in 2016 and has become a valued independent evaluation system for consumers while playing a positive role in improving vehicle safety.

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