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Tesla, car-buyer in row over brakes at the auto show

Hu Yumo
A Tesla buyer caused a scene at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition by climbing on her car to protest faulty brakes.
Hu Yumo
Tesla, car-buyer in row over brakes at the auto show
Ti Gong

The car owner wearing a customized T-shirt with the words "brake failure"and Tesla’s logo, drew social media coverage.

US electric carmaker Tesla clashed with a car buyer over claims of brake failure on Monday, the first media day of the of 2021 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

Tesla said the car owner surnamed Zhang stood on top of car in a bid to draw attention from public at Tesla's booth on Monday. Tesla said Zhang bought a Henan Model 3 in February and she alleged the car's brakes failed.

It said that the car owner wearing a customized T-shirt with the words "brake failure" and Tesla’s logo, which was pictured and discussed on social platform Sina Weibo.

"The company has been communicating with the car owner for two months, expressing willingness to assist in testing, repair or insurance, but the owner rejected all solutions proposed by Tesla," Tesla said. 

"Tesla will continue to communicate with the car owner."

On February 21, Zhang Zhiqiang, the car owner’s father, was driving the vehicle on the 341 National Highway when it was in a collision with two other cars traveling in the same direction.

According to an accident report, the driver should have maintained a safe distance from the car in front, leaving enough space to brake in the case of an emergency.

The report said the driver was fully responsible for the accident.

Henan Zhengzhou's market supervision and management department talked to both parties in March and suggested they negotiate after selecting a technical evaluation agency.

The car owner insisted that the accident was caused by Tesla, while Tesla said the company hopes to start third-party testing with the approval of the car owner. 

Both sides are still in dispute.

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