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Intelligent transportation system speeds up flow of traffic in Jiading

Yu Hong
The demonstration line of the Intelligent Vehicle Stream (IVS) system was officially launched in Jiading New Town.
Yu Hong

As a key project of the "One Ring, Three Roads" intelligent transportation system of Yuanxiang Lake Central Activity Zone, the demonstration line of the Intelligent Vehicle Stream (IVS) system was officially launched in Jiading New Town.

This is good news for drivers, as the best driving experience is to have green lights all the way.

During the launch ceremony, the "Jiading Standard" 1.0 version of the intelligent transportation system was set up, aiming to promote the standard. This development not only represents the highest level of intelligent transportation in China, but also has international impact and, representing a solution plan for intelligent transportation that can be replicated and promoted.

The Tongji University College of Transportation Engineering and Jiading also signed cooperation agreements to carry out research on intelligent transportation, with the goal of driving the high-quality development of transportation.

Jiading is making efforts to build a vision of "one city, one cluster and one benchmark," designed to create the first national digital twin intelligent transportation demonstration city, a national intelligent transport ecological industrial cluster and a benchmark new city of extraordinary intelligent transportation by 2025.

The vision will help Jiading New Town become a national pilot test area for intelligent transportation that makes the first driverless technology breakthrough and the first digital expressway open to the public, innovates and empowers intelligent transportation and improves people's quality of life.

The IVS demonstration line covers 8.2 kilometers with 22 crossings. Normally, it takes around 20 minutes to pass through, but the IVS takes less than 9 minutes while driving at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, with green lights the entire way.

The IVS system is similar to Metro, as both have no red lights but only green lights, so that both of them can run in fast speed. But IVS system is more flexible and faster, thanks to advanced technologies including the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence.

Compared to traditional transportation systems, IVS has advantages in construction and operation costs and impact on traffic and travel quality.

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