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More Chinese consumers hooked on electric vehicles, survey shows

Larrissa Leung Wang Yanlin
Support for buying battery-powered autos is almost double the global trend and has improved strongly since 2019, results indicate.
Larrissa Leung Wang Yanlin

More Chinese consumers are now willing to buy battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and the proportion is much higher than the global average, according to a new survey by Alix Partners.

Around half of Chinese respondents in the survey support the purchase of BEVs, compared with 25 percent globally, and a big gain on 2019 Chinese sentiment of 34 percent, said the survey which sampled 8,124 consumers from China, France, Germany, Italy and America.

The survey report focuses on a variety of consumer behaviors, including purchasing tendencies, influencing factors on purchase decisions and customer evaluation after the purchase.

The survey also reviewed the electric vehicle industry, as well as potential threats and opportunities for environment-friendly cars.

It found that more than 99 percent of owners of BEVs are willing to buy another BEV, which indicated high levels of satisfaction. In China, battery endurance, charging infrastructure and charging time are the top three issues that people most care about.

Stephen Dyer, managing director of Alix Partners in Shanghai, said the report results bode well for the future of BEVs, especially in China.

"Everybody has different lifestyle requirements so it's hard to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach," said Dyer. "It is important to gather research as it can help us identify how we can improve, and improve strategy."

He also highlighted the significance of social media as a channel for bolstering sales, as 26 percent of consumers purchased their products through referrals from friends or family, and that the majority of BEVs are purchased online.

The research firm said it considers looking closely at spending patterns for different age groups in the future.

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