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GM releases Ultium-based electric cars in China, pushing for an all-electric future

Huang Yixuan
GM solidifies its Ultium platform in China, with ambitions to develop more electric vehicles in the country, helping to further China's goal for an all-electric future.
Huang Yixuan

General Motors on Tuesday night announced its plan to roll out more than 15 Ultium-based models in China by 2025, reinforcing its commitment to making electric vehicles more connected and intelligent.

In GM's efforts to advance an all-electric future, leading the charge is its Ultium platform, which is the industry's first hyper-scale EV platform aimed at providing the power, range and performance to make nearly every vehicle an EV.

Its portfolio ranges from the Cruise Origin AV and BrightDrop commercial vehicles, to the GMC HUMMER EV supertruck, Chevrolet Silverado EV, and the Cadillac CELESTIQ ultra-luxury flagship revealed in October.

"GM is accelerating the introduction of Ultium-empowered EVs in China to support the market's move toward an all-electric future," said Julian Blissett, GM executive vice president, and president of GM China. "Through global collaboration and local integration, we're unlocking a transformative experience with real-world benefits for our customers through zero-emission driving."

SAIC-GM, a joint venture between the Shanghai-based SAIC Motor and General Motors, meanwhile, is to continue increasing its strategic investment, adding 20 billion yuan (US$2.8 billion) to the original 50 billion yuan investment plan announced last year, said Wang Yongqing, general manager of SAIC-GM.

The total 70 billion yuan is planned to be invested in the field of electrification and new technologies of intelligent networking by 2025, according to Wang.

He also noted that four new China-made Ultium-based models will come out in 2023, and over 10 China-made all-electric products of the three major brands, namely Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac, will be on the market in the next five years.

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