Lenovo aims to be "computing" firm

Lenovo Group Ltd today partnered with JD.com and smart carmaker Nio to kick off its journey in exploring intelligent devices on fitness and lifestyle.
Lenovo aims to be computing firm
Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

The Lenovo Tech World 2017 

Lenovo Group Ltd today tied up with JD.com and smart carmaker Nio to tap intelligent devices on fitness and lifestyle as it aims to make artificial intelligence as a major growth engine.

“Lenovo is no longer a computer firm but a computing firm,” Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s chairman, said during the Lenovo Tech World 2017 conference held in Shanghai today.

Lenovo, China’s biggest personal computer vendor, is set to transform itself into a business covering devices and cloud, fueled by new technologies including AI.

Lenovo and JD.com, China’s top online retailer, said they are partnering on AI, covering data analysis and smart manufacturing. JD.com has used AI technologies on smart logistics covering driverless trucks and warehouse robots, said its chairman Liu Qiangdong, who expects the fourth retail revolution to be  driven by AI.

Lenovo will also  establish a joint smart car computing platform with Nio, a Shanghai-based smart car startup.

Lenovo's consumer business includes Echo-like smart speaker, clothes with sensors that track a wearer's fitness performance and headset with AR (argument reality) technology. Lenovo’s Thinkpad products will also feature smart robot assistant systems, Yang said.

Lenovo will adopt its AI strategy for business in all industries, especially smart manufacturing industry, he added.

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