Philips Lighting and DingDong speakers partner up to offer customers more

Philips Lightning and Linglong Tech have formed a strategic partnership which will offer better integration between their products for Chinese customers.

Philips Lighting announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with smart loudspeaker DingDong to combine smart furniture technologies with voice control capability.

The partnership will provide a seamless inter-connectivity between the Philips Hue connected lighting system in homes with DingDong’s Smart Speaker, making Dingdong the first smart speaker in China with the capability to control Phillips Hue lights using voice commands.

“The partnership with LingLong Tech in China unlocks voice-activated control of Philips Hue to customers in a market with a vast growth potential,” said Bill Bien, chief marketing officer for Philips Lighting.

“By adding LingLong Tech to Friends of Hue, we further strengthen Philips Hue’s position as the world’s leading connected lighting system for the home.”

Philips Lighting and DingDong speakers partner up to offer customers more
Ti Gong

 Bill Bien, Chief Marketing Officer for Philips Lighting, poses with Philips Hue 

Customers of DingDong Smart Speakers will be able to add the Philips Hue white and color ambiance products to their smart home applications, allowing them to control their lights by voice activation.

“Philips Hue works seamlessly with smart home products, applications and platforms provided by global players, and we are excited to be a Friends of Hue partner and to jointly launch connected lighting that may be customized for Chinese consumers,” said Wei Qiang, chief executive officer of LingLong Tech. 

“DingDong is leading the development of smart speaker technology with mature applications and products. We have great expectations for our partnership with Philips Lighting.”

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