Business registration now a whole lot easier

Business owners in Shanghai can stop pulling out their hair after some dreaded red tape was cut, making license registration easier and quicker.

Businesses in Shanghai can now save precious time and energy after reform cut some of that dreaded red tape.

The reform means businesses no longer have to visit a number of different government departments to complete their registration, instead streamlining the process and providing the required services in one location.

Lu Yanyan, a travel agency operator in Shanghai, said that before she had to visit a number of different agencies, wasting much needed time and energy.

"But now, I only need to visit the district market supervision and management bureau for registration, which is one-stop and is very convenient," she added, after visiting the Pudong New Area Market Supervision and Management Bureau today for the registration of a new outlet of her travel agency.

The reform is based on the establishment of an information sharing mechanism among government departments, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau said.

Hu Min

A woman receives a business license at the Pudong New Area Market Supervision and Management Bureau today. The bureau will transfer the business license registration to other government departments, saving her time and money. 

Hu Min
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