Dow to use new brand name Dowsil in China from February 6

Dowsil will inherit Dow Corning's silicone-related solutions and enhance Dow's presence in China which covers over 20 percent of Dow Corning's global sales.

US-based chemicals giant Dow will use a new brand name, Dowsil, for its Dow Corning’s silicone-based products in China on February 6, the company told Shanghai Daily today.

Dowsil, short for “Dow Silicon,” will highlight parent company Dow’s full control over silicon producer Dow Corning after its merger in mid-2016, said Dan Futter, global commercial vice president for consumer solutions at Dow.

The new name will inherit Dow Corning’s silicone-related solutions and it is hoped that Dowsil will enhance Dow’s presence in China, Futter said. “The merger of Dow Corning will increase Dow’s market share in China on silicon-based products."

While Dow Corning has for long dominated the market in high-temperature tolerance rubber for automobiles, Dow aims for Dowsil to develop expertise in electric cars and autonomous driving to serve the world’s largest automobile market, he added.

Silicone products currently account for around 10 percent of Dow’s growth and there is potential for grow the space amid deeper collaboration between the two companies after the merger.

Chinese customers can access Dowsil products online from February 6 at as “another measure to meet the country’s demand" for online shopping.

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