Shanghai workers get highest average year-end bonus bonus

But their satisfaction level is below the national level, says recruitment portal

Shanghai white collar workers received the highest average year-end bonus last year in China but their satisfaction level was below the national level, recruitment portal said in a survey yesterday. 

The survey found that 815 local respondents said their average year-end bonus was 11,913 yuan (US$1,864.52), above the national average of 7,278 yuan that more than 21,000 respondents said they received.

But local respondents scored 2.89 out of 5 for their satisfaction level, below the national level of 3.32, which was a record high.

The survey found that 61 percent of Shanghai respondents received their year-end bonus, up from 43 percent last year but below the national level of 66 percent.

The survey found state-owned companies were the most generous in offering year-end bonus, followed by foreign investment companies and public service departments. Joint ventures paid the least bonus to their staff.

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