Epson shows dedication to Chinese market with new experience center

Epson has opened a new experience center in Shanghai to further penetrate the Chinese market.

Epson, which has invested an accumulated 5 billion yuan (US$822 million) in China, opened a new experience center in Shanghai to tap into the domestic market and bring it closer to clients.

The center displays the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, wearable computing and environmental protection.

In the new center, located in Xuhui District, the company displays innovations like watches with GPS and tracking systems, components used in smart driving, robot sales used in retail outlets, and printing services for the textile industry.

Epson now offers industrial products and services in B2B (business to business) sectors, specializing in high efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies to encourage innovation-driven growth, the company said.

Until now, Epson has been operating 13 facilities in China covering manufacturing and services, employing 16,000 people here.

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