Beauty app holds its first off-line party in Shanghai

Meitu Inc, which focuses on the "beauty ecosystem" by offering image optimization tools and smartphones for ladies, opened their Meivolution Festival in Shanghai on Friday.

Meitu Inc, which focuses on the “beauty ecosystem” by offering image optimization tools and smartphones for ladies, opened their Meivolution Festival in Shanghai on Friday.

It’s the first off-line community festival held by Hong Kong-listed Meitu, which has 450 million users, 61 percent of whom are between 18 and 30. 

The name Meivolution is a combination of the Chinese character Mei, meaning beauty, and the English word 'evolution.'

Through the three-day event between Friday and Sunday, Meitu’s users can find their communities and friends in the company “beauty ecosystem,” with Meitu’s photography, AI and image optimization technologies, Wu Xinhong, founder and chief executive of Meitu, said in Shanghai.

During the Shanghai event, Meitu showcase technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) applications to test skin quality and give make-up tips, and AR (augmented reality) technology that allows users to interact with stars and brands.

Meitu’s consumers give the company a unique advantage to develop AI algorithms and marketing packages for brands, analysts said.

Through community and activity events, Meitu has expanded into an e-commerce business, such as by leading consumers to visit cosmetics companies through links.

Tickets to some evening events were sold out within two hours, with over 20,000 visitors expected to attend the festival, Meitu said.

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