Ximalaya and Fun Factory inject a dose of humor in 'Magic Box'

The online paid audio program teaches users to apply humor better socially and advice for a successful career. 

Ximalaya, an online radio platform, is cooperating with Shanghai Fun Factory Media to jointly tap the online audio talk show market, one of the rapidly growing sectors in digital entertainment, Shanghai Daily learned today.

“The Magic Box of Humor", an online paid audio program which teaches people how to better use humor in social activity and make a success of their careers, will have Fun Factory providing content produced by well-known talk show celebrities. Shanghai-based Ximalaya, the country’s biggest online audio platform with more than 470 million users, will be the distribution and marketing channel, both sides said.

Online radio creates high quality content to draw listeners with “new lifestyle”, said Wang Yue, secretary general of the Shanghai Network Audio-visual Association.

Ximalaya, one of the China's Top 100 Internet firms, will adopt new technologies like artificial intelligence to offer consumers content that they need, the company said.

The company is seeking an initial public offering in Hong Kong, media reported. But Ximalaya declined to comment on the issue.

Firms like Ximalaya and Qingting are increasingly using funds from several rounds of financing to invest in high-quality culture, sport and education content to diversify revenue, industry insiders said.

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