CCB targets different groups with diversified credit cards and services

China Construction Bank is tapping the country's consumption pattern by offering differentiated credit card products and services.  

China Construction Bank will offer differentiated credit card products and services to better serve the different needs of their retail customers as part of the country's increasing consumption pattern, the lender said today.

The state-owned commercial bank unveiled its first credit card in 2003 and it has issued 117 million credit cards as of the end of August. The bank said it has 87million credit cardholders so far, ranking it the first by the number of credit card users.

To better meet their customers’ demand for a quality life, CCB introduced three new cards today to provide diversified services for different groups.

The bank unveiled a new credit card, MUSE, to target young and fashionable women who will enjoy a great discount when they shop in global duty-free stores.

During the past 15 years, the Beijing-based lender said it has helped its credit cardholders generate consumption worth over 14 trillion yuan (US$2.05 trillion).

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