Honeywell to continue advancing China's industrial Internet market

Honeywell will continue to advance China's industrial Internet market in line with China's "Internet Plus" strategy.

Honeywell will continue to advance China's industrial Internet market in accord with China's "Internet Plus" strategy.

Since being established in 1999, the Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions Plant in Suzhou has already become a global S&PS center, integrating manufacturing, R&D and service. 

The plant has been a paradigm for smart manufacturing, and also a reflection of the company’s exciting development during China’s 40 years of opening-up. 

"The Honeywell Suzhou plant mirrors the company’s rapid growth in China. Over the past 40 years, Honeywell has always kept in line with the country’s development with its advanced technologies," Shen Bin, president of Honeywell China said.

From 2004 to 2017, Honeywell’s revenue in China has increased six-fold, and China has become the single largest market for Honeywell outside the United States. 

China is now one of the most pivotal markets for global technological innovation, digital transformation and industrial Internet of Things. Especially in recent years, the digital revolution taking place in China has changed lives and work with exciting emerging technologies, Shen continued.

Fully embracing the new trend, Honeywell's Suzhou plant showed that it has been dedicated to lean production and smart manufacturing, and as a result was awarded world-class certification in 2017.

To speed up connected business in China, Honeywell Connected Enterprise was set up last year as the first regional team outside the US, reflecting the company’s strategic focus on China's industrial Internet market.

Honeywell achieved total sales revenue of approximately US$1.5 billion for its connected software solutions, and over US$1 billion from connected hardware, data showed.

"We aim to better meet the demands of smart manufacturing, environmental protection, and digital economy, and play a bigger role in such a dynamic market," Shen said.

For the next step, Honeywell is implementing strategies such as "East for East," "East to Rest" and "Becoming a Chinese Competitor," so as to continue to catch China’s macro trend.

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