Mary Kay China launches a breakthrough innovation in age defying skin care

New technology has empowered Mary Kay, the world's leading skin care and cosmetics company, to further explore, achieve and thrive in the beauty industry.

From left to right: Cathy Wang, Operation Vice President of Mary Kay China; Katherine Weng, Commercial Senior Vice President of Mary Kay China; Paul Mak, President of Mary Kay China; Rui’an Li, National Sales Director of of Mary Kay China, on the launch ceremony of Mary Kay Timewise 5X Series November 29th.

New technology has empowered Mary Kay, the world’s leading skin care and cosmetics company, to further explore, achieve and thrive in the beauty industry.

TimeWise 5X, also known as the “Age X Cream,” is the latest offering from Mary Kay China to defy premature skin aging. The new skin care line is infused with the new and exclusive Multi-Path Technology to help protect skin with five antioxidant and age-defying actions.

“We have developed a breakthrough technology at the forefront of addressing premature skin aging,” said Dr. Lucy Gildea, Mary Kay’s chief scientific officer. “Mary Kay scientists spent over four years evaluating over 150 ingredients and formulas, and conducted over 200 clinical safety and consumer studies to ensure product excellence and effectiveness,” Gildea said.

TimeWise 5X, includes a multi-action skin cleanser, day cream and night cream, with three innovative ingredients:

  • Malachite extract serves as a supercharger for Glutathione S-transferase (GST) to help cells restore energy and health
  • Encapsulated resveratrol works in synergy with malachite extract
  • An age-defying peptide boosts the production of natural collagen to increase the skin’s youthful resilience.

“It is so powerful that you can see the effects in as early as five weeks,” said Gildea, adding that the new products can help delay the appearance of skin damage and improves the visible signs of skin aging caused by everyday life. More than just UV rays, other environmental stressors and lifestyle factors such as air pollution, stress and lack of sleep can lead to the production of free radicals, which contribute to the appearance of premature skin aging.

“We have the passion to understand the skin, and we have a team of dedicated scientists around the globe to see what trends and what technologies are available,” said Gildea. 

Sheryl Adkins-Green, chief marketing officer of Mary Kay, said innovation is in the company’s DNA, which inspires it always to do something “new, better and unique.”

With the launch of TimeWise 5X™, Mary Kay China announced a new strategy to integrate comprehensive resources and cooperate with the best experts both at home and abroad to bring customers outstanding products and services.

In an effort to innovate and modernize while standing firm to its mantra to create value for Independent Beauty Consultants, on October 8, 2018, Mary Kay China launched its optimized, integrated offline/online registered customer model aimed at providing Independent Beauty Consultants with a seamless and connected ordering, payment and delivery solution. The solution not only allows the Independent Beauty Consultants to focus more on value added services, but also allow the Independent Beauty Consultants to provide their customers a more convenient, streamlined and personalized shopping experience.

At the same time, Mary Kay China will continue to expand its program of free beauty classes, which help consumers develop a better understanding of skin care and color cosmetics.

Since Mary Kay Ash founded the company 55 years ago, the company has always been keen on building on its strengths to embrace new opportunities and transform the future with its mission to enrich people’s lives.

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