McDonald's going green with 1,800 new outlets

Ding Yining
McDonald's China said it's establishing 1,800 new environmentally friendly restaurants that are in line with LEED standards in the next three years.
Ding Yining

McDonald’s China said it’s establishing 1,800 new environmentally friendly restaurants in line with the global Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification standards over the next three years.

McDonald’s said earlier that it would maintain its new store opening pace in China.

McDonald’s has been upgrading existing outlets and optimizing its energy management systems, including the use of LED energy-saving lamps and more efficient air-conditioning and kitchen equipment.

Other initiatives include cutting down on packaging and plastic straws.

Adopting LEED certification standards will expedite these processes.

“Sustainability should not be the competitive edge for one individual company, because real change is only possible with partnership across and beyond the industry,” said Zhang Yichen, chairman of McDonald’s China.

Next year, China will become McDonald’s second largest market by outlet numbers. By 2020, approximately 45 percent of the chain’s 4,500 restaurants in China will be in third- and fourth-tier cities.

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