More tech-savvy lawyers needed

Tracy Li
More tech-savvy lawyers are needed in China's lawtech landscape as they become important assets in the development of online applications and tools.
Tracy Li

More lawyers with a sound understanding of the latest technological developments are needed, as they are becoming important assets in the development of online applications and tools, according to recruitment experts Hays.

A legal trailblazer, China has seen rapid advances in lawtech — technology that aims replaces traditional legal services — in an endeavour to provide affordable legal services to citizens.

Experienced legal professionals are required to contribute to the content of online apps. Legal expertise, blended with tech-savviness, is definitely an asset to teams working on lawtech projects, said Simon Lance, managing director at Hays China.

“Lawyers who have yet to venture into the world of tech could benefit from upskilling,” he said.

While the seemingly unstoppable momentum of artificial intelligence gathers pace and technological advances present a disruptive future, the issue of data protection is a primary concern.

New draft rules on data privacy protection demand a fundamental shift in legal talent to address the misuse of private data.

 As both data privacy and lawtech continue to be the main areas shaping the Chinese legal climate and demand for legal professionals is at an all-time high, Hays said. Employers are demanding that legal teams to possess specialised skills in niche areas.

While the upper echelons of organisations are facing relatively slower movement of talent, the market for entry-to-middle level candidates is thriving.

“Such talent receives multiple offers and it is a race to sign them up,” Lance said.

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