Hinos in a sweat over Purcotton accusations

Shanghai children's clothing brand Hinos is demanding an apology from Purcotton in an escalation of previous disputes.

Hinos, an emerging Shanghai children's clothing brand, is demanding an apology from Shenzhen's Purcotton, accusing it of unfair competition, in an escalation of moisture absorption and quick dry disputes.

The war of words began in July when Purcotton accused Hinos of cheating consumers, saying their products failed to meet national standards and that  the sweat absorption properties of Hinos clothing relied on chemical additives.

Hinos has released two quality reports which they company claims to show its moisture absorption and quick dry products are up to the standard.

Hinos, which has 26 outlets in Shanghai, said it uses an innovative fabric developed with Invista, one of the world's largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers.

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