Innovation 'part of Covestro's DNA'

Tang Dafei Wang Haoling
Covestro is among the world's leading polymers companies, and China was their single biggest market last year in terms of revenue.
Tang Dafei Wang Haoling
Shot by Tang Dafei. Edited by Tang Dafei. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou and Andy Boreham.

Covestro is among the world's leading polymers companies. Since 2001, the company has invested more than three billion Euro (US$3.35 billion) into its production and research and development facilities in China. Last year, China was their single biggest market in terms of revenue.

As the inventor of polyurethanes in 1937 and polycarbonates in 1954, Covestro regards "innovation" as part of its DNA.

"One example is the Covestro-Tongji Innovation Academy we set up with Tongji University through which we expand our collaboration on digitalization, enhancing EV battery performance, and deriving innovative materials to improve car interior air quality as well as exploring the Chinese robotics industry," said Dr. Michael Schmidt, Head of Innovation for Covestro's Asia-Pacific division.

"With our high-tech materials and application solutions, we want to push the boundaries of what is possible — to make the world a brighter place," Schmidt added.

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