Green channel for exhibitors

Hu Min
China Compulsory Certification exemption is applied to commodities displayed at the import expo for the benefit of companies displaying goods at the event.
Hu Min

A China Compulsory Certification (3C) "green" channel was opened for exhibitors during the China International Import Expo, the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation said on Wednesday.

Products listed in the 3C category such as automobiles, home appliances, lights and toys can’t be imported if they fail to procure the China Compulsory Certification.

The 3C-free channel applies to commodities displayed at the expo not for sales, the administration said.

A total of 48 exemption proofs had been issued as of November 4, involving 269 commodities such as vehicles, home appliances, lights and toys with a total value of 45.28 million yuan (US$6.5 million), it said.

At the National Exhibition and Convention Center, an automatic system allows applicants to obtain the proof immediately via self reporting, significantly cutting processing time.

The process is paperless and electronic, and the system is connected with the city's customs authorities, significantly raising customs clearance efficiency, the administration said.

"The traditional way of 3C exemption proof application requires us to submit materials and fill in reporting information, and human review is also involved, which takes one to two working days," said Fang Hong, an employee of Shanghai Expotrans which applies for the proof for exhibitors at the service and trade and auto exhibition areas of the expo.

"There is a wide variety of imported products that need the proof in this year's expo, and it was urgent for exhibit decoration and arrangement, thus we must be in a hurry," said Fang. "The channel allows us to apply in a simple click after uploading relevant materials, and the proof is issued immediately, which saves a lot of time for us and spares time in product customs clearance and exhibit arrangement."

The company received 14 3C exemption proofs for commodities including vehicles, computers, coffee machines and sockets.

"The fast channel is extremely convenient," said Feng Jianhui, an employee of China COSCO Shipping Corp Ltd, a transportation supplier of the expo.

A batch of switches and plugs were transported from Japan to Shanghai and Feng prepared materials just before its departure. Before the flight landed, the proof was ready. 

Green channel for exhibitors
Ti Gong

An auto is on display at the expo under the 3C-free green channel.

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