Costco imposes further restrictions to combat overcrowding

Ding Yining
Closing time has been shifted back to 9:30pm.
Ding Yining

Costco has cut its limit to only 500 shoppers inside the store at any time — a further move after it cut the limit to 1,000 last week to prevent overcrowding.  

All customers must have their temperatures taken outside the store and wear masks inside. Shoppers should also keep one meter away from each other at the cashier and leave the premise immediately after checking out. 

There already are queuing areas outside and closing time has been shifted back to the normal time of 9:30pm from 7pm.

The supermarket covers 14,000 square meters with 1,200 parking lots. 

The retailer has seen a spike in visitors during the weekend as many are making bulk purchases of fresh food and daily necessities. 

A small fire was put out on Saturday evening at the northwest corner of the parking area on the fourth floor of the store in Minhang District. There were no people hurt.

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