iQiyi launches first virtual reality store

Zhu Shenshen
Shanghai's Future Empire is the first of many stores to be opened by iQiyi across the country as the video-streaming website expands into the VR entertainment sector.
Zhu Shenshen

iQiyi has launched its first offline virtual reality flagship store in Shanghai and will open others across the country as the Nasdaq-listed firm expands into the VR entertainment sector.

Global revenue from the offline VR entertainment market is expected to hit US$11.8 billion this year, triple the 2019 level, according to researcher Greenlight Insights.

iQiyi says it will open two new stores a month at first, with stores in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces already in pipeline. The number will rise to 10 a month given the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future Empire, the Shanghai store, is in a shopping center in Huangpu District.

A 30-minute VR experience costs each player about 158 yuan (US$22).

The first game in the Shanghai store is Robot Master 2071. iQiyi, one of the top video-streaming websites in China, said it plans to launch three games by the end of the year, based on Chinese legends and net dramas.

iQiyi launches first virtual reality store
Ti Gong

A scene is seen from the VR game Robot Master 2071, developed by iQiyi as it aims to expand into offline VR entertainment nationwide. 

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