L'Oréal to build on previous CIIE successes

L'Oréal is unveiling more products and more new technologies with partners and collaborators at the China International Import Expo.
LOréal to build on previous CIIE successes

The seven exhibitors that make up the Special Committee for Consumer Goods Industry in support of the “Good Consumption, Better Life” initiative.

L’Oréal is unveiling more products and more new technologies with partners and collaborators at the China International Import Expo.

It is seeking to follow up its successes at previous events with an even bigger presence in the theme of “Beauty, Technology and Responsibility.”

This year’s exhibition space is based on the industry trends of diversity and universalization, convenience and adaptiveness, health and wellness, sustainability and inclusiveness, and efficacy and potency. Serving as the 1st rotating chairman of the Enterprise Alliance Council, as well as chairman of the Special Committee for Consumer Goods Industry, the world’s biggest beauty group hopes to facilitate the exchange of industry ideas and promote business prospects.

The CIIE Enterprise Alliance Council was established this year to seek to create a community of shared interests at the CIIE and serve as a communication platform for the government and exhibitors to help the event become even better and help optimize the international trade and business environment.

In the third quarter, L’Oréal China sales maintained strong momentum backed by unscathed demand for beauty and skincare products. Like-for-like sales surged 20.8 percent with increase in sales in offline stores and in the selective makeup market particularly encouraging.

“This time, as we sit at the head of two committees, we will certainly try our level best to give a full play to our role and work with our ecosystem partners and other exhibitors from consumer goods sector to create an expo that is both spectacular and fruitful,” said Fabrice Megarbane, president and CEO of L’Oréal China.

“We will work to further promote the idea of ‘good consumption’ to consumers from all walks of life, to drive industry transformation and the shift toward higher-level consumption, to satisfy consumers’ desire for a higher quality of life.

“We will help the CIIE become not just an event where new products are unveiled to the world for the first time, but a platform where the world will access ‘new ideas, new scenarios, and new solutions’ that will lead to ‘good consumption’.”

L’Oréal said it would work to encourage more quality enterprises to participate in the CIIE and other related activities.

It will also contribute its expertise and insights on subjects such as industry policy, opening up to the outside world and market access.

A ceremony in mid September marked the establishment of the Special Committee for Consumer Goods Industry and all seven members reviewed a joint proposal and the committee’s annual work plan.

The activities of this year’s work plan include one summit event, one livestreaming session, one policy seminar, one overseas promotional event, and the release of an industry white paper.

The pandemic brings a new array of consumer needs for beauty and personal care products and this year, the “Beauty, Technology and Responsibility” concept flows through all the major exhibits at the expo.

Jean-Paul Agon, chairman and CEO of the L’Oréal Group, said: “In today’s world, where differences are at the forefront, the CIIE serves as an invaluable platform for all participating nations and companies, one where everyone can embrace each other’s differences and seek common ground and subsequently co-build and share a future that is brighter as a result.”

This exhibition will feature the debut of L’Oréal’s four distinctive fragrance brands in the Chinese mainland: from the iconoclastic, avant-garde and experimental Maison Margiela, Ralph Lauren, a modern definition of a luxury lifestyle, to Viktor&Rolf with its proactive couture, unexpected elegance and conceptual glamour, and Valentino steeped in romanticism, modernity and craftsmanship.

LOréal to build on previous CIIE successes

The Perso, a concept product for the production of custom beauty products at home (a world first), will be showcased for the first time in Asia at the CIIE.

LOréal to build on previous CIIE successes

The new brands will be unveiled by L’Oréal at this year’s CIIE

The company is on track to further boost its research and innovation work through beauty tech as its research capabilities will be amplified thanks to data science.

New beauty tech offerings include Perso, the world’s first cosmetic product with customized formulas to be used at home and a revolutionary beauty tech solution that covers skincare, hair care and makeup that L’Oréal has developed together with its subsidiary ModiFace, a tech company.

LOréal to build on previous CIIE successes

Face Maestro, an AI-powered smart makeup recommendation app

An AI-powered smart makeup recommendation app “Face Maestro” is the first of its kind in the world. The “Virtual Makeup Artist” service makes use of AI and the augmented-reality technology offered by ModiFace.

It was designed to provide the customer with a personalized makeup look recommendation following a scan of the customer’s face and an analysis of more than 20 features through the use of facial recognition and machine learning technology.

This service will be available online and in Armani stores to meet the personalized and individual demands of each customer.

It is to hold an awards ceremony and roadshow for its inaugural “Big Bang Beauty Tech Startup Challenge” with the winning projects focused on three key innovation areas that have been identified for beauty tech: the future science, supply chain operations, and the consumer experience.

Social responsibility is an indispensable part of the growing beauty industry in China.

L’Oréal is focusing on three key pillars of the “L’Oréal for the Future” sustainability commitment that it recently announced, including self-transformation, empowering the business ecosystem, and contributing to efforts to tackle issues that challenge the world.

A “Green Parcel Graffiti Competition” held in partnership with the China Environmental Protection Foundation and the Alibaba Group to promote the idea of responsible consumption and eco-friendly living to consumers is its latest move.

Awards will be given at a ceremony during the expo, where the winners of the 10 best graffiti works and 10 best slogans will be on display.

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