Mary Kay's excellent work recognized by award

Wang Yanlin
Mary Kay has been given the Excellence Award for Sustainability 2020 by the Shanghai Daily.
Wang Yanlin

Mary Kay, a cosmetic industry leader in corporate and social responsibility, has been given the Excellence Award for Sustainability 2020 by the Shanghai Daily, in recognition of its contribution to helping women gain confidence through learning skills and integrating into society.

The corporate social responsibility project started in 2017 when Mary Kay (China) Co Ltd joined forces with the United Nations Development Program to help women in SDGs Pilot Village — Waipula Village in southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

Mary Kays excellent work recognized by award

Mary Kay officials with representatives from Waipula Village, Yunnan Province

Mary Kays excellent work recognized by award

Women living in the village are known for their  skill in Yi embroidery. As a company mainly serving women and making them more confident, Mary Kay was ideally suited to help Waipula women. 

It supported the village to develop the Yi embroidery industry with its business knowledge, while also enhancing its catering, accommodation, cultural tourism, as well as growing a variety of novel crops.

Through the Yi embroidery training, 607 women over the age of 18 in this village have obtained employment opportunities and expanded their income channels. These hardworking rural women can earn thousands of yuan in extra income.

Today, 89 poverty-stricken households in Waipula and 310 poverty-stricken people have received more industrial development channels and employment opportunities. In addition, 210 seasonal migrant workers and 120 long-term workers have chosen to return home to find work or start a business.

At the same time, while the economy is taking off, the village's water, electricity and garbage-disposal infrastructure have also improved. The natural environment and traditional culture of the village are protected, and the entire village has gradually become well-kept, beautified and filled with vitality.

As a result, the county where Waipula is located has realized complete poverty alleviation with zero poverty rate this year. That was a sharp comparison with the rate of 28 percent in 2017 when it was labelled a state-level poor county. 

Meanwhile, eco-friendly economy has taken off in the village as Yi clothes, handmade crafts, tourism and catering industries have developed fast to create  stabe growth in Waipula even during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mary Kays excellent work recognized by award

Zhang Jing, vice president of external affairs and brands at Mary Kay

Zhang Jing, vice preside of external affairs and brands at Mary Kay, said the company expects to fulfill the women's empowerment concepts and experience through this project.

“We will continue to incorporate our funding, management skills and international vision to facilitate the global sustainable development cause,” Zhang said.

The project has received high praise. 

Dr. Zhang from the UNDP China Office said that Mary Kay's strategic vision and corporate social responsibility plays a critical role in expanding the impact of the mission.

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