Huawei releases car simulation platform with partners

Zhu Shenshen
Huawei and SAIC Volkswagen have co-developed a full-stack integrated simulation platform, the first large-scale simulation application of its kind in China's automotive industry.
Zhu Shenshen

Huawei and SAIC Volkswagen announced a co-developed full-stack integrated simulation platform on Wednesday, the first large-scale simulation application of its kind in the Chinese automotive industry.

The simulation platform, with computing, storage and cloud technologies, offers strong data infrastructure for autonomous driving research and aerospace simulation training. It's a key step for Huawei to support smart manufacturing and help firms boost their digital transformations, the company said. 

The new simulation platform can reduce new car research periods from 60 to 24 months, and improves SAIC Volkswagen's high performance computing capacity by up to 30 percent with Huawei systems including Kunpeng 920 and related software. 

In automotive simulation research, large amounts of real-time data must be processed for calculations. High-performance computing is widely used in the fields of fluid mechanics and crash tests in automobile research and development.

The simulation platform can now support Level 1 to L3 autonomous driving research. 

Huawei has been expanding into the automotive industry recently, selling cars at its outlets and recruiting more auto-related talent.

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