Lego Education's learning system debuts in Shanghai

Zhu Shenshen
It's designed to help students grow as lifelong learners.
Zhu Shenshen

On the backdrop of China's encouragement of more innovation-centered study, Lego Education launched a learning system in China, aiming to ride on such a wave.

The new learning system covers Lego blocks, programming and STEAM learning sectors, to help students grow as "lifelong learners."

It encourages students with innovation spirit and abilities on hand-on and programming, fits current Chinese education standards and trends, industry officials said.

"It is time to rethink learning. We believe to empower students to take ownership of their learning and inspire them to become lifelong learners," said Esben Staerk, president of Lego Education, who called China a "key and important" market of the company during an online speech.

It integrates various skills such as creativity, collaboration and critical thinking into lessons to equip students with both the hard and soft skills needed throughout their future careers, Lego Education said in the China debut event in Shanghai.

As tools to be used in classes, the lessons are designed to fulfill Chinese national curriculum standards, which makes education in a playful and innovative way, teachers said.

The Lego Education solutions are present in classrooms around the country, where teachers are using them to facilitate project-based learning in the schools.

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