McDonald's helping Chinese kids 'light up their dreams'

A new marketing campaign is helping children learn more about science and space. And the company is adding healthier options to its children's menu.
McDonald's helping Chinese kids  'light up their dreams'

Xu Xingli (second from right), general manager of Chang'e Benyue Aerospace Science and Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd, was joined by Phyllis Cheung (third from right), executive officer of McDonald's China, and Christine Xu (second from left), chief marketing officer of McDonald's China, to commemorate the extension of their partnership.

McDonald's is extending its partnership with the China Lunar Exploration Project for the next three years to further link with the local community and lift up children's aspirations.

The new marketing campaign was unveiled at its annual McBanquet event on Thursday, and aims to encourage hands-on experience and on-site exploration initiatives from children to learn about science and astronomy.

"McDonald's mission is to provide delicious dietary options and to bring the community together. We believe that children who have dreams are more confident," said Phyllis Cheung, executive officer of McDonald's China.

"We want to give children a bigger stage and encourage them to keep creating without putting limits on their imagination through the 'Light Up Your Dreams' activities."

The company hopes to bring the campaign to more cities and give more Chinese children the opportunity to showcase their dreams.

It's expected that more than 1 million children will benefit from a series of "Light Up Your Dreams" activities over the next three years.

In the past two years, more than 500,000 children took part in "Light Up Your Dreams" parties at McDonald's restaurants nationwide and selected paintings have been sent into space alongside the lunar landing and space exploration projects.

Also, children's dream-filled drawings will be made into a "Light Up Your Dreams" album and published.

Selected drawings will also appear on Happy Meal boxes so that dreams can be seen and collected.

McDonald's helping Chinese kids  'light up their dreams'

Representatives from Chang'e Benyue Aerospace Science and Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd and McDonald's China ring the opening bell for the annual McBanquet event.

It will also collaborate with the China Lunar Exploration Project to launch fun and science-driven gadgets, toys and commemorative items such as co-branded space helmets in the near future.

McDonald's has always put efforts into upgrading its children's menu with healthy choices.

The "Light Up Your Dreams" project will cover all McDonald's family restaurants and relevant activities will be carried out at about 3,000 restaurants in over 200 cities in the coming year, according to Christine Xu, chief marketing officer of McDonald's China.

In recent years, it has included fish and more fruit and vegetables to make a more balanced "Happy Meal" children's set menu.

In 2018, the McDonald's Happy Meal was upgraded from a three-item to a four-item meal with the addition of the choice of fish and milk, and an increase in vegetables and fruit.

A total of six new menu items were also unveiled at the McBanquet event with a focus on healthy ingredients and the creative integration of signature ingredients and new recipes.

The dishes, inspired by space exploration tasks, well reflect the theme of "childhood dreams," showcasing McDonald's ability to use fresh ingredients and promote new ideas through creative menu design.

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