Russia set to collaborate with China on developing aircraft

Russian hi-tech giant Rostec will launch third-generation YotaPhone in September

Rostec is expected to sign a contract with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China at the end of this year to jointly develop the Advanced Heavy Lifter, in which the Russian industrial giant will transfer technologies on engine and composite materials, its officials told Shanghai Daily today. 

This comes on the heels of a joint venture Rostec formed with Commercial Aircraft Corporation in Shanghai in May that will design components for a long-haul commercial jet, said Victor Kladov, director for international cooperation and regional policy of Rostec.

Kladov said that he hopes the jet will be able to break the dominance of Airbus and Boeing in the world aviation market.

The jet is expected to receive an airworthiness certificate by 2025, said Alexey Grishin, Rostec's top representative in China.

Also at today's news conference, Rostec said it will launch the third generation of the dual-screen YotaPhone next month in China.

The phone is jointly developed by Rostec’s subsidiary and Hong Kong-based China Baoli Technologies Holdings since the end of last year, which has a Kindle-screen display on the back of the smartphone, said Zhou Xiangxiang, the phone’s designer, adding that the Kindle screen can still be read after the phone runs out of battery,

The phone’s price will be unveiled after the launch in September, but Zhou said it will cost at least 3,000 yuan (US$455).

Last year President Vladmir Putin gave the second generation YotaPhone to President Xi Jinping to recognize the two nations' collaboration.

song yingge

Rostec's officials Victor Kladov (center) and Alexey Grishin (right) said the group is enhancing collaboration in China on aircraft and smartphones.

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