European Chamber of Cmmerce recognizes China's efforts to reform market

China also urged to open the market wider and create a fair business environment for foreign and domestic companies

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China recognized China's efforts in market-oriented reforms and urged the country to open the market wider and create a fair business environment for foreign and domestic companies, according to a paper released today.

European companies fully acknowledged China’s plan to open up its economy and establish a level playing field for all business, as outlined and elaborated in State Council documents this year, according to the chamber's annual position paper.

China's decisions to open to the outside, further create a fair competitive environment, and further strengthen efforts to attract foreign investment contribute to the ongoing development of EU-China relations, the paper said.

“The State Council documents provide a solid framework for China to open its markets to the outside world and attract more foreign investment, and throughout this year the authorities have been very clear about what needs to be done,” said European Chamber President Mats Harborn. “We hope that the Chinese authorities will begin the process of implementing market-driven reforms and establishing a level playing field for all businesses once the 19th Party Congress has concluded.”

The chamber pointed out that the testing, inspection and certification industry is still very restricted, and quotas for new energy vehicles are unfair for foreign invested enterprises.

It also appealed to the government to allow access to standards-setting bodies and clearer communication of foreign exchange rules.

A unified company law for foreign and domestic enterprises and a national negative list will also help China attract foreign investment, the paper said.

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