Binjiang Party chief outlines new vision for economy business

District Party chief Zhan Min explains the new "1+X" industry-support policy system – the district's third – to Shanghai Daily. 

Binjiang District Party Secretary Zhan Min talked to Shanghai Daily about the new “1+X” industry-support policy system, fostering a competitive environment for industries, providing independent real estate for listed companies and promoting innovation.

Q: Why did you choose this time to introduce the third “1+X” industry support policy system? What are the key words to describe it?

A: Just as President Xi Jinping stressed, science and technology is the foundation for the prosperity of a nation; innovation is the soul of progress.

We introduced the new policy to echo the new demands of new times in order to make the strongest innovation ecosphere and the best high-tech industrial chain. What’s more, we put emphasis on improving the environment for innovation, attracting innovative professionals and cultivating innovative projects to solve the difficulties for innovation and business startups, and ensure sustainable development and a high-quality economy.

We amended the industry-support policy system to meet the need for industry development in a new era as this year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in China.

The key words? Talent, innovation and accuracy.

Q: From a global perspective, what are the competitive industries of Binjiang District? How will the new policy improve the district’s competitive edge and cultivate new emerging industries?

A: After years of hard work, Binjiang District has cultivated a group of core enterprises in the information economy, especially in the field of the Internet and the Internet of Things, including e-commerce, digital security, financial services, telecoms equipment and big data.

As to the new industrial policy, on the one hand we will make the information economy stronger and better and on the other hand we will focus on the development of biological medicine, new energy and new materials industries.

The main measures we will take include: attracting talents and technologies, and incubating good enterprises to attract them to be based in Binjiang and export their products and expertise to the world. Binjiang District aims to be a world-class high-tech zone and a showcase area in Zhejiang Province and China.

Q: According to the new policy, listed companies can be granted land for development and every listed company will be able to have independent buildings and real estate in Binjiang District, which is extremely short of land resources. Is this difficult to implement?

A: We cannot say there are no difficulties, but the problem has to be solved and we have the solution for it with innovation and reform. In recent years we have added more than 1,334 hectares of land through relocation of whole villages.

In short, every listed company in Binjiang District will be ensured an independent real estate.

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