Shanghai to further improve services and rules of the tax system

The city aims to enhance the business environment for companies through a more efficient taxation.

Shanghai will further improve the services and regulations of the tax system to improve the business environment.

The city has launched measures to streamline administration and delegate power to lower levels of the government,  regulate innovation, improve services and enforce tax laws in a standard way, Ma Zhengwen, director of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Taxation, said at a press conference today.

Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang said on March 28 that more efficient taxation is an important part in the city's overall business environment, and authorities should further improve the management and services of the tax system in a lawful, standard and transparent manner.

The city's tax bureau will focus its work on three aspects as it improves the tax environment in the next stage.

The city will comprehensively implement the preferential tax policies to ensure companies enjoy the benefits from tax reduction and to alleviate burden on them.

Shanghai will also consolidate and deepen existing achievements and further promote better and more efficient tax payment. The authorities will also aim to complete cross-department procedures so that companies can start business within three days.

Meanwhile, innovative measures will be launched to promote improvement in service quality. On April 1, the city also started to issue certificates for tax payment online.

Ninety-eight percent of the city's businesses notify the tax bureau online when their employees' annual salaries exceed 120,000 yuan (US$19,105) per annum, up from 35 percent in 2016.   

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