Convenience for eateries

Xu Lingchao
So far 324 eateries have got their operating permit inspections.
Xu Lingchao

Cafés and dessert and beverage shops in Minhang District can now get their operation permits within the same day after their application and start operation on the second day due to a service the district launched on January 18. Minhang is the first in the city to provide such convenience to eateries.

Previously after they have been issued business certificates, eateries would have to prepare documents and receive inspections on food safety and dining environment which might take weeks, sometimes even months, before they got the permit.

Now all the shops have to do is to provide a written guarantee that they will follow all regulations and instructions on food safety and device placement. The district’s market supervision authority will issue the operation permit afterwards.

The authority will examine their operation within two months to evaluate whether they have kept their promises. “If they failed to do so, we will revoke the permits and ask them to rectify,” said Mao Hui from the market supervision authority. 

This service is one of the 12 measures Minhang unveiled in January to provide a better business environment. So far 324 eateries have got their operating permits ahead of inspections.

Luckin Coffee, a chain coffee shop which has been rapidly expanding around the city opened a new branch in Powerlong Square near Qibao in Minhang on March 8. They got their permit one day before.

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