Shanghai to promote green manufacturing

Green manufacturing will be a top priority in Shanghai as part of moves to save energy, cut emissions, and protect the environment.

Shanghai will encourage green manufacturing as one of its top priorities to save energy, reduce emissions, and protect the environment. 

By 2020, the city aims to set up a mechanism for green manufacturing-related standards and assessment. The government will also improve efficiency of resource and energy use in manufacturing industries as well as boost clean manufacturing.

Shanghai will also ensure that 100 green factories, 20 green industrial parks and 10 green supply chains will be established by then.

These plans were revealed by government officials at a press conference held Tuesday on the  Shanghai Energy-saving Publicity Week 2018 whose theme is "saving energy, reducing consumption and safeguarding the blue sky."

The seven-day event, which starts next Monday, is jointly hosted by 17 departments including the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization and Shanghai Development and Reform Commission.

More than 450 activities will be held this year around the city to further raise the awareness of energy saving and emission reduction among local residents and enterprises.

To meet Shanghai's goal of a more green and sustainable economy, the city's energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product in 2017 fell 5.17 percent to 0.405 ton of standard coal from a year earlier. The city managed to cut total coal consumption by 930,000 tons from 2016, according to government data.

Shanghai aims to further cut its energy consumption per unit of GDP by around 3.6 percent in 2018.

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