China's new natural gas hydrate base to be in Guangzhou

The base, located in the city's Nansha District, will prospect and exploit natural gas hydrate in the sea as well as conduct deep sea drilling for scientific research.

China’s scientific research base for prospecting and exploiting natural gas hydrate will be located in Guangzhou, according to a recent press briefing by the Guangzhou port office.

The base will conduct marine geology work focusing on the prospecting and exploitation of the natural gas hydrate — which is a solid formed by water and natural gas under certain conditions — in the sea, deep sea drilling for scientific research, as well as deep sea oil and gas exploitation. 

This base is part of the Chinese government's emphasis on clean energy to play a bigger role in the country's energy needs.

These projects will also support the Belt and Road initiative, an ambitious goal to recreate the ancient Silk Road trading routes between China and other countries, according to the port office. 

The base will be built by the Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey in Dragon Cave Island of the city's Nansha District, and construction is expected to be completed by 2021.

The base will house four innovation centers including the National Natural Gas Hydrate Engineering Research Center, according to the port office.

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