Power company promises to keep city humming

A ten-day heatwave will hit Shanghai. However, the electricity supply will be enough, guaranteed by State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company.

As Shanghai swelters under an ongoing heatwave, the local electrical utility operator says it can guarantee power supplies for the city.

According to information from State Grid, electrical loads in 18 provinces and regions hit a record high in July. Shanghai’s power consumption has been less than other locales due to the effect of recent typhoons, according to the Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company.

The electricity load of Shanghai is predicated to peak this summer at around 33 million kw; below its supply capacity of 36 million kw.

In case of emergencies, Shanghai’s power company has 173 repair stations all over the city, and more than 1,600 repair personnel are available around the clock to address breakdowns and power disruptions.

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