Michigan governor seeks better cooperation

Rick Snyder says uncertainties over trade are concerns for business people in the United States and China.

 Michigan Governor Rick Snyder 

The United States and China should work together to reduce business uncertainties, according to Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, a state known for its automotive industry. 

He said business communities in both countries had serious concerns about trade conditions, and such concerns could halt plans until a solution was found. 

Snyder said uncertainties had to be reduced in a bid to create a comfortable environment for business.

Shanghai was Snyder's last stop on his eighth visit to China during his eight years as governor. In Beijing, he signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Science and Technology on advancing innovation and cooperation in mobility.

He also had meetings with government officials and business leaders on topics that included manufacturing, agriculture exports and tourism.

Michigan, a state steeped in automotive history, has attracted established giants and emerging companies in the industry to research the next stage of automotive technology.

Chinese foreign direct investment alone accounted for US$1.21 billion between 2011 and 2017, 42 percent of which was in automotive components and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

The number of foreign visitors to Michigan has increased by 5.4 percent since 2011, with visitors from China up 84 percent during the same period.

China is Michigan's third-largest trading partner, following Canada and Mexico.

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