Consumers increasingly concerned about total wellbeing and 'face value'

Mintel survey says good packaging could help increase sales as young people pay more attention to the 'face value' of products.

Chinese consumers are becoming more health conscious and good packaging may help increase sales among the young with more attention being paid to the “face value” of products, according to a survey by Mintel.

“Consumers here are always on the lookout for new products and services that can support them in better managing their health,” said Joyce Lam, an analyst of consumer trends at the market research company. “The increasing use of digital devices and apps to track health is a typical example.”

In its Global Consumer Trends 2019, Mintel's analysts have identified key trends set to have an impact in the coming year and beyond. They found that 45 percent of Chinese consumers said a healthy lifestyle was most important to them, and 24 percent had examined and diagnosed their health conditions by using real-time monitoring devices.

Some 32 percent of Chinese consumers are spending more on health supplements compared to six months ago, according to the survey. Not willing to take drugs, 49 percent of them believe health supplements in food will have better effects.

“It carries an implication for food makers to enhance health-related elements in their products,” said Lam. “Also, it should be carried out in a good-looking way.”

For example, Yakult has launched Beauty Plus, a fermented milk beverage that contains a patent lactic acid and 40 billion probiotic lactobacilli that is claimed to enhance healthy skin. The packaging design gives prominent exposure to that function.

The survey also found that age was no longer an accurate gauge to measure demand.

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