Lingang – intelligent, innovative, world-class

After electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc bought land in Lingang to build an auto plant, more than a dozen major industrial projects also debuted on the southeastern tip of Pudong.
Lingang – intelligent, innovative, world-class

Lingang, on the shore of the East China Sea, is turning itself into an international town of intelligent manufacturing as well as a major hub of “Made in Shanghai.” 

After electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc bought land in Lingang to build an auto plant, more than a dozen major industrial projects, involving new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and others, also debuted on the southeastern tip of the Pudong New Area.

The latest major deals included the launch of a national-level industrial Internet identification system which is expected to become a new growth engine in the Yangtze River Delta region in the digital transformation era.

The new system, called the National Top-level Identifier Resolution Node of Industrial Internet, offers authorized identification for various Internet of Things devices, such as house addresses in streets and districts.

Through the new system, regulators, related firms and institutes can easily find and better use data to improve work efficiency and urban management.

A test run of the system will be carried out in the machinery, fabrics, new materials, automotive and equipment manufacturing sectors in the Yangtze River Delta region, across various regions and industries, according to the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization.

Shanghai Lingang Area Development Administration, the Shanghai Communications Administration and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology signed an agreement recently to push the development of the industrial Internet identification system.

The system has begun operating in Lingang. Its subsystems were built in enterprises such as the Huafon Group, the largest domestic manufacturer of polyurethane products in China, and SAIC Motor, representing new materials and automotive applications.

The identification system is an essential part of the industrial Internet, which becomes a “milestone and growth engine” for digital transformation with new applications like IoT, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Growth engine

Lingang – intelligent, innovative, world-class

An aerial view of a building that resembles an aircraft carrier covered with solar panels on its “deck” for photovoltaic power generation in Lingang, Pudong. It is part of Lingang’s efforts in the new energy industry.

Meanwhile, a number of state-owned enterprises, scientific research institutions and leading private firms have landed deals with Lingang to launch projects for further business development.

“The establishment of these projects inputs new driving forces for the innovative development of Lingang and Pudong and makes contributions to build Lingang into a world-class industrial cluster,” said Chen Jie, executive deputy director of the Lingang Administration Committee.

In building a cluster of new energy vehicle manufacturing with global influence, state-owned enterprises including Aluminium Corporation of China and China Transport Telecommunication & Information Center work together with local firms.

In the development of gas turbines, the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics and Chinese Academy of Sciences are in charge of the experimental installation of powerful turbines. ENN Energy Holdings will be mainly for improving the efficiency of miniature gas turbines.

Lingang is also a major site for the integrated circuit industry. Shanghai Industrial Technology Research Institute is to set up a public service platform for photoelectricity technology here to better serve semiconductor projects established in Lingang.

Lingang – intelligent, innovative, world-class

A Tesla outlet in Shanghai. The US electric auto brand has secured land in Lingang for its first factory outside the United States. The company said it had signed an agreement on a 210-acre (84-hectare) site.

Projects in energy planning and smart buildings will help Lingang spearhead the development of urban and industrial integration.

On the shore of the East China Sea, Lingang is turning itself into an international town of intelligent manufacturing as well as a major hub of “Made in Shanghai.”

Lingang plans to introduce optimized technical innovation systems and create an industrial ecology for intelligent manufacturing.

To reach that goal, Lingang will also accelerate the construction of intelligent manufacturing platforms, build industrial Internet platforms, attract heavyweight sci-tech projects and cultivate a world-class advanced manufacturing hub.

Artificial intelligence and robotics are two key priorities in Lingang’s industrial development.

Unicorns in the two fields are the port town’s favorite. On that basis, Lingang will promote the development of high-end intelligent equipment, oceanic equipment and intelligent vehicles as three of its pillars and accelerate the cultivation of industrial clusters.

Emerging industries, such as software and information technology, integrated circuits, aeronautics and energy saving and environmental protection will also be promoted.

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