Home-grown brands a hit with consumers

Ding Yining
Shanghai Daily and Shanghai Morning Post have released a list of the city's most popular time-honored brands to commemorate China Brand Day. 
Ding Yining

Shanghai Daily and Shanghai Morning Post today released a list of the city’s most popular time-honored brands to commemorate China Brand Day on May 10. 

An online vote with the theme "New Life, New Consumption, New Brand" was initiated under the guidance of the Shanghai United Media Group, owner of Shanghai Daily, and co-hosted by Shanghai Morning Post, Shanghai Daily and the Eastbest & Lansheng Group Shanghai International Trade Promotion Co. 

Shanghai brands have a reputation for quality and are sought out by shoppers throughout the country so the city is making great efforts to maintain high quality and noteworthy brand names under new market trends.  

Some 10,000 online users voted for their preferred brands in three categories — most famous local food, must-have daily necessities and most popular shopping destinations. 

Shanghai First Food Store, Bright Ice Cream, Maxam's personal care products, and Bee & Flower Sandalwood Soap were among 10 brands to receive a "most long-standing Laozihao" award. 

At the award ceremony, Chen Qiwei, Shanghai United Media Group’s general manager, said time-honored brands had come to realize that appealing to a younger generation of consumers is key to their revival in the new era.  

Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai Commerce Commission, said that sticking to quality and service is a core value for all city businesses.

Li Qiang, Shanghai Party secretary, said the city would continue its efforts to support home-grown brands in embracing market trends. 

Specific action plans tailor-made for each time-honored brand would be put in place in the near future. 

The annual Exposition on China Indigenous Brand, from May 10 to 12, showcases hundreds of home-grown brands, giving time-honored companies an opportunity to show their new offerings and their latest achievements in keeping up with market trends. 

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