Delta radio station goes on the air

An official Internet radio and streaming service covering the Yangtze River Delta region went on air on Tuesday. 

An official Internet radio and streaming platform went on air on Tuesday, covering the latest developments in Yangtze River Delta integration.

Head of Shanghai Development and Reform Commission Ma Chunlei, also director of the work office for regional collaboration of the Yangtze River Delta Region, called for the leverage of technological progress and achievements of the 5G era for the convergence of multiple media formats.

An integrated media platform which was also set up today will pull relevant news stories from official publications in the region, which includes Shanghai and neighboring provinces Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

The integrated development of the delta region was declared a national strategy by President Xi Jinping in November.

Zhang Haitao, director of the China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television, said the closer collaboration of media in the region would support the national strategy and help businesses and academics to find the latest policy and guidelines.

A forum at the 5th Shanghai Radio Festival discussed how the media could better collaborate under the regional blueprint.

Wang Haibin, general manager of Radio Shanghai’s new media affiliate Ajmide, said the new platform would serve both traditional and new media in the region and set up a new mechanism for future media partnerships.

China has 580 million radio listeners. Streaming covers a user base of 112 million in the delta region, according to CSM Media Research, which offers TV and radio audience measurement services.

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