Advertisers tighten their belts

Ding Yining
The unstable economic situation dampens advertising spending in H1. 
Ding Yining
Advertisers tighten their belts

Worries over an unstable economic situation has dampened spending across all categories of advertising in the first half, with total expenditure down 8.8 percent in the first half against an increase of 9.3 percent a year ago, CTR research says.

In 2018, total ad spending edged up 2.9 percent.

As new brands seek a market, the performance of digital media and outdoor media shrank as most advertisers seek balanced and integrated campaigns.

Digital advertising, once a bright spot, suffered losses of 4.3 percent amid general uncertainty over economic performance.

Food and beverage companies took eight positions in the spending top 20 in terms of total spending through all media channels while transportation services and telecommunication were also strong.

Advertising rates and ad slots available at TV stations fell, suffering the worst performance in five years by losing 12 and 17 percent respectively. 

Outdoor advertising has also been hurt by cuts in spending but financial services, personal beauty and hygiene products are still active in the outdoor sector.

Spending on print magazines headed south at a slightly slower rate than last year, with personal care products, entertainment and leisure, and food on the rise.

Movie theater advertising saw the slowest increase in five years of 4.1 percent. 

All spendings are calculated based rate cards.

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