Xi's keynote strikes chord with foreign business leaders

Ding Yining
Company heads in attendance at CIIE opening ceremony look forward to China's further opening, as well as "new golden age" of development.
Ding Yining

Multinational companies resonated strongly with President Xi Jinping's remarks at the opening ceremony of the second China International Import Expo. 

They pledged to deepen their collaboration with China and continue to bring innovative products to fully tap the fast-growing market.

President Xi spoke at the opening ceremony about deepening interactions and cooperation and continuing to "tear down walls" rather than "build walls."

"As the leader of a pharmaceutical multinational company in China, I do feel that this is a great era," commented Joseph Romanelli, senior vice president of MSD and president of MSD in China.

"By tearing down walls in public health, we should work together on the research and development of new medicines and vaccines to bring solutions to every corner of the world," he added.

“China's new round of high-level opening up and optimization of business environment are unlocking many new market opportunities, attracting international companies like ABB to further expand our footprint in China," ZZ Zhang, senior vice president of ABB Group and President of ABB China. "Opening-up, cooperation, reform and innovation — these were the key words that impressed me most.”

Responding to President Xi's pledge to take steps to promote balanced development of both imports and exports, and trade in goods and services, Pascal Soriot, AstraZeneca’s Global CEO, also added that "we believe it’s a very encouraging message for both Chinese and overseas enterprises that China adheres to economic globalization and free trade."

In the future, AstraZeneca said it will continuously facilitate wider international cooperation, and introduce Chinese innovation model into a wider area.

Jean-Paul Agon, chairman and CEO of the personal care and beauty giant L’Oréal Group, noted that the huge capacity of the China market makes it very promising for growth while consumption has become the "golden key" to open up a "new golden age" for China's development.

"The past 70 years of the People's Republic of China have been magnificent and fruitful, especially in the past few years. The favorable policies and new measures from tax reduction to the decentralization of administrative affairs have been introduced at an accelerated speed."

Paul Hudson, chief executive officer of another France-headquartered multinational company Sanofi, added that China’s economic development has demonstrated speed and scope that are incomparable.

"I resonate strongly with President Xi's pledge to make the global market bigger and richer, and China’s economic development has demonstrated speed and scope that are comparable with nowhere in the world," he noted.

As a global company headquartered in France, the pharma giant said it's exciting to see that China will further improve its business environment for foreign enterprises, and boost the progress of global economic connection.

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