Advisers discuss further improvements to Shanghai business environment

Ding Yining
Business leaders and officials brainstormed ways to make Shanghai even friendlier for companies and talent. Proposals covered standardizing procedures and use of best practices.
Ding Yining

Shanghai's political advisers put forward ideas during a discussion session of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee on Friday on how to further improve the city's business environment.  

Chairman Chen Li of Shunda Software Technology Development Co proposed preferential policies to encourage more high-end talent as well as a mechanism for employers to submit their hiring demands.

Wang Junhao, vice chairman and president of JuneYao Group, said Shanghai should also adopt best practices from other domestic areas, such as allowing a long-term investment cycle in cutting-edge technologies. 

Shanghai International Port Group financial director Fang Huaijin called for further relaxation of the pre-approval scheme for land usage and construction permits.

Xi Junyang, vice director of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics' Research Center for Modern Finance, suggested that local policies be further expanded to benefit companies in the Yangtze River Delta region to encourage integrated development in the region.

The theme discussion heard proposals and advice from 23 members, from six political parties. 

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's international business department general manager Ren Jun also suggested that standard practices be adopted for free trade accounts for companies registered in the free trade zone to carry out cross-border Renminbi business. 

Chairman Chen Le of Shanghai Joycare Entertainment Co Ltd called for standardized assessment of intangible assets such as intellectual property rights and cultural projects so that cultural and entertainment companies can use these assets to secure financing. 

Shanghai Vice Mayor Xu Kunlin pledged that systematic efforts would be taken to further open up markets and to benchmark local practices with the highest standards in international markets. 

“We'll continue to push forward reform measures such as the optimization of the one-stop platform for government affairs and stick to our opening-up measures to benefit all parties, including foreign and domestic private enterprises," he said. 

Zheng Gangmiao, a member of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee and head of the United Front Work Department, said Shanghai shall combine best practices from other areas and learn from their experiences to create a favorable environment for companies from home and abroad. 

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