Deputies seeking more support for talent

Huang Yixuan
Deputies to the Shanghai People's Congress call for more preferential policies to make it easier for the city to attract and retain talent, especially in finance and technology. 
Huang Yixuan

Deputies to the Shanghai People's Congress are calling for more preferential policies for talent coming to the city, especially in key industries such as finance and technology.

Talent is regarded as one of the most valuable resources that can boost both social and economic development, thus many legislators noted the importance of attracting more talent to the city.

Lin Kaiwen, a lawmaker from Jiading District, said the cost of living in Shanghai is relatively higher than most other Chinese cities, which is a burden, especially for those coming from other cities.

Li Xinhua, a deputy from Yangpu District, highlighted those in the sci-tech innovation industries, while lawmaker Song Hanguang from Huangpu District mentioned the financial industry, as Shanghai is developing into a science and technology innovation center with global influence as well as an international financial center.

Lin and Li both wanted application for residence and citizenship easier for talented individuals.

Song suggested the government issue support policies on the housing security system.

Li also appealed for optimizing the layout of education resources, which would allow children of talent from other cities to gain easier access to better education.

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