Group urges acceleration of tech transfer

Ding Yining
Shanghai should take further steps to help turn research into marketable results and safeguards the rewards of inventors, according to a recent proposal.
Ding Yining
Group urges acceleration of tech transfer

The Shanghai Committee for the China Association for Promoting Democracy has proposed that the city expedite the transformation of scientific research into marketable innovations and accelerate technology transfer.

The proposal, submitted to the CPPCC Shanghai Committee, points out that the city should step up efforts to better connect supply and demand and bring all stakeholders together to further boost technology transfer. 

The city should consider allowing inventors to enjoy all relevant income from technology inventions and also unveil related preferential tax policies, according to the proposal. 

"The latest research results need to be put into the commercial market to realize their value," it pointed out. The proportion of technology research that's ultimately turned into commercial offerings is less than 30 percent in China, less than half of the level in developed nations, the proposal says. 

It further encourages colleges to offer special training to develop technology transfer agents. 

The city should also introduce more incubators to help new technology innovations find suitable business models and better connect start-ups with investors. 

A unified platform that brings together inventors, technology service providers and investors would benefit all parties and boost Shanghai's role as an influential technology transfer network.  

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