Advisers call for more support for STAR Market

Ding Yining
Improvements to the trading mechanism are required to increase investors' willingness to trade on the market.
Ding Yining

Political advisers have proposed the CPPCC gives more support to trading and financial services in the STAR Market. 

Associate professor Ma Zhiyuan at the School of Public Economics and Administration of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics suggested improvements to the trading mechanism to increase investors' willingness to trade on the STAR Market. 

Special work permit should also be given to finance professionals from overseas to work on the market.  

"The STAR Market will continue to provide financing and boost economic development as long as rules and supervision are in good order," he said.  

He also suggested allowing mid- or long-term investment in STAR-listed firms to further open the financial market with rules allowing foreign investment institutions to invest with a specific annual quota. 

Supervisory bodies should also scrutinize investors to eliminate risk. 

A total of 205 companies registered to list on the STAR Market last year and 70 started trading. 

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