New regulations for the return of work, production and business

Huang Yixuan
Shanghai eases some requirements in its new regulations for resuming work, production and business.
Huang Yixuan

Shanghai released a new version of requirements for companies resuming work, production and business, to support the recovery of businesses while maintaining prevention and control of COVID-19.

Compared with the previous guidelines that specified every measure, the new guideline was much simpler.

It highlighted that enterprises should fulfill their responsibilities in epidemic prevention and control, urge employees to wear face masks, and maintain strict personal hygiene regimes, ensuring disinfection and ventilation of premises, facilities and equipment. 

The new requirements were issued through a notice by the Shanghai Commission of Commerce on Thursday to commerce authorities of all districts, noting that industry bodies should follow new requirements for resumption of work in commercial enterprises as well as food and beverage businesses, replacing the previous guidelines released on March 11.

Shanghai Chain Enterprise Association, Shanghai Merchandise Commercial Profession Trade Association, and Shanghai Council of Shopping Center have added provisions of preventing gatherings to their guidelines.

As of March 19, around 99.1 percent of 2,000  monitored supermarkets had resumed work, and all 85 shopping centers had reopened for business.

The proportion of businesses back at work has reached 93.4 percent for convenience stores, and 70 percent in the catering industry, while 100 percent of agricultural produce wholesale markets and farmers' markets have resumed business.

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